Alley Pezanoski-Browne

Alley grew up in a family dedicated to the arts, education, and social justice, which lead her to Northwestern where she earned a B.S. in Film/Video and Sociological Studies. For the next decade, she worked as a producer and coordinator for various documentaries, arts/media non-profits, projects and events, with a focus on fundraising and community-building. She also had a stopover in Hong Kong as a Fulbright Scholar. She later received her master’s in Critical Theory & Creative Research from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Alley has worked at/with various arts and education organizations in the Portland Metro Area, including Caldera, Clark College, the Experimental Film Festival (EFFPortland), Know Your City, and the Broken Planetarium. She is currently a board member at Marrow, a radical youth space in North Portland. Her essays have been published in the Leonardo Music Journal and Bitch.

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