9INE and The National Campaign’s Discussion Guide Launch

Working with The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, we’ve created a Discussion Guide that educators, parents, peer advocates, and students can use to explore the themes in the web series 9INE and learn more about teen pregnancy. Not only is the guide available in PDF form, it is integrated into the site with Discussions, Curriculum, and Sample Lessons Plans.

I’ve spent many hours on this, and it is so gratifying to hear comments like this from an educator:
“[9INE] was the missing piece I needed. I had a very hard time involving the male students in the discussion before using it. Boys didn’t talk, and they’d separate themselves as if it (pregnancy) was the girls problem, not theirs. It was hard to get them engaged. 9INE evened the playing field. It had enough about both boy and girl issues that it created an even involvement and exchange. I am very happy about that.”


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