Electronic Ladyland Mix on Bitch Magazine Online

Screen_Shot_2012-12-07_at_12.35.22_PM_large_verge_medium_landscapeSomething I’ve been meaning to do for awhile is put together a mix of some of the amazing women who are (or were) making electronic music, and luckily I got the opportunity to do so for Bitch Media. Check out my Electronic Ladyland Bitchtape here.

Full tracklist includes:

  1. Veils and Mirrors (1975) – Glynis Jones
  2. Pulse Persephone (1965) – Daphne Oram
  3. Sparrow (1999) – Mira Calix
  4. Mattachin (1968) – Delia Derbyshire
  5. Patchwork (1980) – Laurie Spiegel
  6. Warn-U (2011) – Ayshay
  7. Brilliant Colors (2009) – Noveller
  8. Luminaries (2011) – Motion Sickness of Time Travel
  9. O Superman (For Massenet) (1982) – Laurie Anderson
  10. Too Good To Be Strange (1998) – Andrea Parker
  11. Foyer Fire (2008) – Blevin Blectum
  12. Aquifer (2011) – Laurel Halo
  13. Ever (2012) – People Like Us
  14. An Alarm Bell, Or The Ringing Of It (2011) – Chubby Wolf
  15. Bercleuse (Tschaikowsky) (1987) – Clara Rockmore
  16. Shale Hollows (2011) – Marielle V Jakobsons
  17. A Shangri-La in the Desert (1956) – Louis and Bebe Barron
  18. Alien Bog (1967) – Pauline Oliveros

Love these songs, love these women. Pictured above: the genius Laurie Spiegel. Thanks to my boyfriend Nick at Ghost Capital for a few track suggestions.

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