Launch of The Neon Vernancular on Portland Radio Authority

Today, my partner Nicholab and I did our first radio show for Portland Radio Authority (PRA)! Nick runs the amazing Ghost Capital music blog, and it’s so fun to collaborate with him and combine our music tastes. Our show will be a weekly occurrence, so check the website to listen – streaming online. Our fullContinue reading “Launch of The Neon Vernancular on Portland Radio Authority”

Missing Caldera Arts Summer Camp…

I just got back from an incredible three weeks at the Caldera Arts Camp outside of Sisters, Oregon. I assisted filmmaker/photographer Inye Wokoma (camp name: Free I) as we taught high school digital storytelling techniques. Catch a glimpse at the work these amazing students have been doing: One of the best parts of myContinue reading “Missing Caldera Arts Summer Camp…”

Best Twenty TV Shows of the Last Thirty Years (…According to Me)

After reading the excellent article in Maxim (never thought I’d use those words) Maxim Interrogates the Makers and Stars of The Wire, it made me start thinking about my favorite shows. It irritates me when people diss on television. Yes, there is a lot of crap out there, but there are many examples of stellarContinue reading “Best Twenty TV Shows of the Last Thirty Years (…According to Me)”

My Life Secrets or What I’ve Learned So Far…

I’m not thirty yet, but I have learned a few things in my short life that I wish I had learned sooner and am thankful to know now. They’re tips for greater health, knowledge, beauty, and creativity. Just little things that may be helpful to you too. I swear by Deva Curl and Miss Jessie’s.Continue reading “My Life Secrets or What I’ve Learned So Far…”

EFF Portland is almost here!

The Experimental Film Festival Portland or EFF Portland is starting next week! It’s the first year of the festival, and I feel lucky to be working with the amazing crew Directors Hannah Piper Burns and Benjamin Popp have gathered to make it happen. I’ve been helping them with sponsorships, donations, installations, and projectors, yay! PDXer,Continue reading “EFF Portland is almost here!”

Caldera Life In Focus Student Showcase

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working at the wonderful arts organization Caldera Arts as a Volunteer Film Festival Coordinator. We’ve been putting together two festivals, one in Portland and one in Bend, to showcase student films. Learn more about the screenings and watch the PSA I created for the event by clickingContinue reading “Caldera Life In Focus Student Showcase”

Curating new Twitvid Channels

Twitvid is the new video-sharing version of Twitter. It’s a pretty fun site where you can curate your own channels. I love to have all of my favorite videos all in one place. Right now I’m curating two channels in addition to my profile: Awesome Animation – Stop-Motion, claymation, puppets, & really rad animated films! Heart-warming,Continue reading “Curating new Twitvid Channels”

9INE and The National Campaign’s Discussion Guide Launch

Working with The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, we’ve created a Discussion Guide that educators, parents, peer advocates, and students can use to explore the themes in the web series 9INE and learn more about teen pregnancy. Not only is the guide available in PDF form, it is integrated into the siteContinue reading “9INE and The National Campaign’s Discussion Guide Launch”