Neon Vernacular 9-30-12 Mix Live on Mix Cloud

Nick and I continue to do our PRA music show every Sunday from 6pm-8pm Pacific time. We’re having a lot of fun with it, and are pretty happy with our latest mix. Check out Neon Vernancular 9-30-12 on Mix Cloud. Lots of Nina Simone and other good stuff. Also, here’s our playlist:

Nina Simone Com’ By H’Yere-Good Lord
Blue Nile Alice Coltrane
Zora Neale Hurston There Stands A Bluebird
Una Ramos Recuerdos de Calahuayo
Marika Papagika Smyrneiko Minore
Art Ensemble of Chicago Theme de Yoyo
Dustin Wong Evening Curves Straight
Beach House Lazuli
Brenda Ray Hearts Entwine
Bonga Mona Ki Ngi Xica
Victor Gama Mibanga
Arthur Russell This How We Walk On the Moon
Manitoba Dundas, Ontario
Guntar Schickert Wanderer
Eduard Artemiev Stalker – Untitled 6
E.M.A.K. Ohne Titel
Can Midnight Sky
Tony, Caro, and John Eclipse of the Moon
Jean Ritchie With Kitty I’ll Go
Frantz Casseus Suite No 1: Yanvalloux
Ola Belle Reed My Epitaph
Bob Dylan Lily of the West
Bowerbirds The Ticonderoga
Duo Ouro Negro Iliza Gomara Sala
King Kennytone Nwayo Twist
The Mebusas I Wanna Do It
Exuma Dambala
Nina Simone 22nd Century

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