Re: Connect – Get Unstuck & Find Your Magic Online Course

I am taking a fabulous online course, Re:Connect – Get Unstuck & Find Your Magic, right now lead by the artists and writers (and friends) Mati Rose and Willo O’Brien. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful the course has been with videos, prompts, guest teachers, conversations, tools, and ideas all about reigniting your connection to your true intentions and goals for your life.

We’re just about to start week four of the course, which is all about reconnecting to your space. Week one was about writing and intention building. Week two was about reconnecting to your body, and last week was all about reconnecting to your creativity. I love this kind of work, because if you open yourself up to it, the rewards are endless. And I have Mati to thank for reconnecting me to my first love in life – finger painting! 🙂

Mati had us write ourselves a love letter and paint around it if we felt so inclined – I did!




















Then we had to illustrate a time when we felt stuck on the same page as an illustration of a time when we felt creatively expressive, then connect the two.

We also took a look at TEDTalks by Elizabeth Gilbert and Maira Kalman, and checked out Keri Smith‘s website, where you can draw fun things like my twisted tree below.

Slowly but surely I am coming to terms with the fact that in writing, video, and painting I am a weird, messy artist and attempts to reign that in are probably a mistake.

This is the first time they’re doing this course, but I have a feeling it will happen again. I highly recommend you take it course when it’s offered again.

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